Our story

The Milloo brand was founded back in 2009 by Konstantinos Apostolidis and Fotini Pandi .  A couple who loves all things handmade and decided to combine their skills in creating unique handbags and accessories. They started selling their items in online marketplaces like Etsy and Dawanda and finally decided to take the next step and create their own website. 



I come from a family whose occupation always involved sewing and making. I remember spending my childhood in my parents small industry among fabrics, sewing machines and all sorts of clothing materials which I truly enjoy. After spending 12 years in making kids clothes, i decided that handbags was more challenging for me and something i prefer. Even though i never took a course on how to make a handbag, i used my skills in clothes making and spend a lot of hours in experimentation so that i can bring in reality,whatever idea stuck into my mind. Working with leather was challenging for me but also the material i really enjoy working with.

All out items are made in our workshop here in Athens, Greece and we take part in the entire procedure. I'm mainly responsible for the patterns, sewing, photo shooting and running this website."




although my previous job had nothing to do with creating (i was an accountant) , I was always knitting and sewing as a hobby. My grandmother taught me how to knit and crochet and you can only imagine how many knits my dolls used to have :)

Sewing came afterwards when i wanted to start making clothes for myself. I even took courses in patterns and sewing to be able and make more complicated clothes. I was the reason we started selling online our creations when i discover Etsy and thought of giving it a try. It is really fascinating to know that your items are used from people all over the world and selling online was a reason we met so many wonderful people out there. 

I'm mainly involved in designing, sewing, handling shipping and you 'll probably see me modeling in some of our bags. "